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If you’re looking for a bespoke German kitchen in Kent, look no further than Alon Interiors. We design and install fully-fitted German kitchens in Kent and the wider area.  At Alon Interiors, we have personally selected to work with leading German kitchen manufacturers HäckerNobilia and Rotpunktchosen for their expert levels of quality and service. Every kitchen is designed completely around our clients, tailored to their needs and lifestyles. Visit our Kent German kitchen showroom to choose from a wide range of styles, colours, finishes and more, to bring your dream kitchen to life. Our diverse kitchen collections mean we can accommodate budgets starting from £15,000. 

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German Kitchens Kent - Alon Interiors, Kent

Uncover the fuss surrounding German kitchens Kent

There’s something special about a German kitchen; world-renowned for their excellent craftsmanship and design, it’s easy to see why many of the leading kitchen brands across the globe originate from Germany. Having stood the test of time –with Rotpunkt celebrating their 90th anniversary in 2020 we believe that an investment in a German kitchen brand is one that’s worthwhile. This is especially so as there is a prestige attached to them, particularly those made in the world-renowned area of North Rhine Westaphalia – home to many of the world’s leading German kitchen brands.  

Bespoke German kitchens reputation for quality

There are some good reasons why this status is well deserved. Their longevity means that they’ve established a great understanding in terms of product design, manufacturing capability and service capability. As a result, their reputation is known beyond the boundaries of their own country, spreading across Europe and into larger markets including the USA and China. The “Made in Germany” hallmark has transformed the way that kitchens have been designed since the 50s and the stamp has gone on to become one of quality. 

German Kitchens Kent - Alon Interiors, Kent
Nobilia Matt Black Wood Handleless Open Plan Kitchen 2021 2 | Alon Interiors, Kent

Move house with your Kent German Kitchen!

In Germany, homeownership is far less prevalent that it is in the UK. Despite many people in Germany renting their whole lives, it’s not uncommon for them to own their kitchen, uninstalling it when they move and bringing it with them to their new home. To stand up to this process of installation/ removal/ transport and reinstallation, German kitchens must be designed to be very robust. Whilst that is unusual in the UK, buyers here benefit from this investment in durability and qualityBuying a German kitchen in Kent (and hopefully one from Alon Interiors, Kent) is an investment that will enhance your home for many years to come. 

Fitted German Kitchens in Kent

One of the reasons a German kitchen is so durable is down to how its built. With a minimum of 15 years’ operating life, they are not installed in the same way you might expect it to be built. Shunning flat pack furniture, they are assembled during the manufacturing stage of the process which allows them to be rigorously tested to ensure they are up to standard. With the kitchen units expected to last, they are built to withstand more weight than their English counterparts and due to being assembled prior to arrival at your home, a German kitchen manufacturer can guarantee that every part of your new kitchen will be there. 

German Kitchens Kent - Alon Interiors, Kent
German Kitchens Kent - Alon Interiors, Kent

German kitchen engineering standards

The engineering behind a German kitchen is said to be of the highest calibre, which lends itself well when creating aesthetically pleasing designs set to transform your home. Their watchful eyes ensure that even the finest detail is to the best standard possible, helping your decision to invest after visiting our Kent German kitchen showrooms in Ashfield, Larkfield or Gravesend. One of the benefits of choosing a German-designed kitchen is how ergonomic you will find the design to be. Utilising the space in your room, you’ll find that there are countless options when it comes to storage and the position of your appliances; your kitchen does the work for you and is built according to your lifestyle and habits in the kitchen.

German kitchens to suit your needs and lifestyle

With functionality at the heart of a German kitchen, it’s easy to see why they’re the choice of many customers. In addition to the clever use of space, there are myriad accessories that can complement your home makeover, including speakers and USB chargers built into your work surfaces. Making the most of your space means that you’re left with a streamlined kitchen that includes everything you need and the added flexibility when it comes to choosing accessories or storage solutions means that you can truly cater the kitchen to your needs. 

German Kitchens Kent - Alon Interiors, Kent
Nobilia German Kitchens Kent - Alon Interiors, Kent

Why Choose Alon Interiors?

Having over 12 years of experience within the kitchen industry, our team has excellent knowledge and understanding about what works, and what doesn’t! By choosing Alon Interiors, you are choosing to support a local business that provides a personal approach to their kitchen design service – we will always go the extra mile to ensure our customers get exactly what they want. From the initial design consultation to the final touches, your dream kitchen will be brought to life with outstanding service and quality.

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