Innovative Storage Space Concepts

Kitchen Innovations

Innovative Storage Space Concepts are the way forward in the Kitchen. Everyone knows how important it is to have organisation in the Kitchen, to know where everything is, without having to raid the cupboards and drawers for misplaced items. Innovation in design has allowed for us to have orderliness in the Kitchen, and, to effectively have a space for every kitchen item.

Hacker Range

In todays blog we will explore the Hacker Range both Classic and Systemat; we will explore innovative storage space concepts in the kitchen from innovative storage cupboards to store kitchen goods, down to quirky storage ideas.

Cutlery Tray Storage

Alon Interiors showroom is all equipped with innovative storage space concepts. Not only does this make it easier to store everything in a very organised way, but its easier to find and looks aesthetically pleasing. Here we have pull out drawers with cutlery trays; enabling you to store everything in the right place.

Swivel Shelves Storage

Another innovative storage design; corner unit with swing out shelves- making ease of storage for food items or pots and pans. Swivel Shelves allow those hard to reach cabinet corners a thing of the past; with these type of cabinets it allows ease of access, organisation and tidiness.

Wastage Storage

Another innovative storage space concept is this wastage system; with a pull-out frame with removable waste sorter. Instead of having a separate bin taking up extra space in your kitchen, you can now have you bin built in, making everyday work in the kitchen that bit easier.

Hacker Climber Unit

If you ever fancy something more quirky for your kitchen, then the Hacker Climber Unit would most definitely be for you. This is an electrified cupboard which opens, pauses and closes all by the touch of your hand.


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