Alon’s Kitchen Case Study: ‘it’s the heart of our home’

Alon's Kitchen Case Study: 'it's the heart of our home'

'It's the heart of our home'

It's true what they say, the kitchen really is the heart of your home; and we have clients who definitely agree with this since having their kitchen completed by Alon. Our clients had recently moved into their second home; which would be their first family home. The kitchen that was already in the property had been recently renovated, however it wasn't to our clients taste and they found it was unpractical. Thats when our clients contacted us to see if we could help get them a kitchen to better match their tastes and needs.
Case Study Questions & Answers:

Why did you want your kitchen renovated?
Although our kitchen had been recently renovated, it wasn't to our taste - or practical enough- there was a lack of storage, and the storage that was available wasn't smart enough.

How does your Alon kitchen fit into your daily workflow?
The kitchen forms the centre of daily life- everything flows around it. We like to cook a lot and entertain and having one space to do that in is great!

What do you like most about your new kitchen?
The additional storage, the quartz worktops are gorgeous! The way it now works as a practical usable space- it's the heart of our home and we use it non-stop.

Was your kitchen budget vs actual cost what you expected?
Our budget was around £8,000 and the actual cost was £12,000. But we decided to go for quartz worktops, so this pushed the price up.

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