Ceramic Worktops – A viable alternative to Granite or Quartz?

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Ceramic Worktops – A viable alternative to Granite or Quartz?

Originally launched in 2012 by Dutch worktop supplier Jetstone, ceramic worktops are increasingly becoming the worktop material of choice for discerning customers looking for something a little bit different to granite & quartz.

In 2014 two new brands emerged supplying ceramic worktops.  Dekton by Consetino (the same people that make Silestone Quartz) & Neolith (the same people who manufacture Quartzforms Quartz.)

Available in an endless & ever growing choice of colours and finishes, ceramic also offer the benefit of being available in a wide range of wall claddings and floor tiles to coordinate the design with the rest of your room.

So what are the advantages of ceramic worktops?

Being completely non porous, ceramic is 100% stain proof.  This means that it’s suitable for use in kosher kitchens. Where as your are required to seal nearly all Granites yearly to ensure they are stain resistant. Quartz is easier to maintain than granite as it does not require any sealing.

They are also Flame proof up to 1000C and are virtually scratch proof. (Please see image below article.)

As an added bonus most colours are available with matching sinks! Just like Corian ceramics can be molded to create a completely seamless finish.

Ceramics are an industrially manufactured product, made from clay fired at extremely high temperatures, they are relatively lightweight and come in a satin (Matt, brushed) finish. Yet another reason for the increasing popularity of this material is that ceramic combines a beautiful, natural look and feel with exceptionally practical properties!

Dekton by Constatino has now introduced their XGloss range adding gloss surfaces to their range.

We hope you find this article useful and please come visit the showroom if you would like to learn more and see some samples.

The Alon Team

Flame Proof Worktop

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