Guide to choosing your perfect worktop – Corian/Solid Surface

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30th April 2016
Guide to choosing your perfect worktop – Wood
10th June 2016
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Guide to choosing your perfect worktop – Corian/Solid Surface

Choosing the best worktop for your kitchen can be a daunting task. With so much to choose from it can be very easy to make the wrong decision on what is best for you. So what is the best worktop for you and how do you know? To aid you in this decision we will be releasing different posts over the coming weeks on the materials available in the market to aid you in your decision making. This post focuses on Corian/Solid Surface worktops.

Corian is a popular brand in the solid surface worktop market. Solid surface material is produced by mixing plastic resin and bauxite pigments. Once created, it is bonded to a substrate to create a solid surface worktop.

When it comes to matching the worktop to the kitchen’s theme or design, Corian does a great job.

Since it is not a natural material it can be manufactured in many different colours and almost any size. Because this worktop is thermo-formed it means you can create a worktop in ‘one slab’ as the joints can be seamless.

1) They don’t have chipboard core, which makes them highly design flexible
2) They’re non-porous, making them hygienic and dirt/bacteria resistant. Plus there are no joints to trap germs.
3) Any small damages such as minor scratches and marks can be easily removed with regular cleaning products.
4) Is available in over 50+ colours.
5) Great if you wanted to construct matching furniture using this material.

1) Even after regular care, they collect small abrasions and scratches with time, which lowers the satin finish they           come with.
2) Although they are flexible in terms of design, they’re expensive compared to other solid surface worktops.
3) Since they’re made of type of plastic and not stone, they’re less heat resistant than granite and quartz.
4) Requires highly skilled installation.

Maximum Length: No Maximum Length.

Maintenance: Clean with a damp cloth. If required, use a regular cleaning spray and a kitchen scouring pad. Post-cleaning, rinse with water and dry with a towel.

Overall Corian/Solid Surfaces make great work surfaces as they have unlimited possibilities. Corian also has other great applications in your house to really tie everything together.

We hope you find this article useful and please come visit the showroom if you would like to learn more and see some samples.

Check back soon for our fifth worktop guide on ‘Wood’.

The Alon Team



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