Guide to choosing your perfect worktop – Laminates

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14th April 2016
The 10 things to consider before renovating your kitchen.
30th April 2016
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Guide to choosing your perfect worktop – Laminates

Choosing the best worktop for your kitchen can be a daunting task. With so much to choose from it can be very easy to make the wrong decision on what is best for you. So what is the best worktop for you and how do you know? To aid you in this decision we will be releasing different posts over the coming weeks on the materials available in the market to aid you in your decision making. This post focuses on Laminates.

Laminate worktops are made of high density chipboard and then coated with plastic laminate. Currently, they are the most popular choice for worktops in the UK.

They come in various sizes, colours and designs to help you achieve your desired look.

There is an array of options available to choose from such as matt, high gloss, honed, riven, standard and riverwash.

There are also laminate worktops that mimic other effects such as granite and wood.

1) They are affordable and easy to fit within your budget.
2) Their waterproof surface makes them easy to clean in case of a spill.
3) They are available in loads of different colours including stone/wood imitations.
4) They can easily be installed without the help of professionals.
5) They are the cheapest work surface.

1) They cannot be used with undermount sinks.
2) Hot pans can leave scorch marks on the surface.
3) Sharp and heavy objects can damage the worktops.
4) Can restrict designs.

Maximum Length: 4100mm

Overall Laminates are great work surfaces when budget is an issue and due to their finish options and availability they are the most popular choice in the UK.

We hope you find this article useful and please come visit the showroom if you would like to learn more and see some samples.

Check back soon for our fourth worktop guide on ‘Corian’.

The Alon Team


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