We are all aware of the everyday software within the kitchen industry enabling 3D images to be produced of your new kitchen layout and over the years the quality has improved alot to almost photo like. However, for some it may still be difficult to see themselves in the kitchen no matter how good the 3D image is. That’s where Alon’s Test Drive Event comes in.

The Test Drive will actually enable you to physically walk around your new kitchen, completely to scale and get a hands on experience as to how it will serve your needs. You’ll know whether you have maximised the space, you’ll see if the appliances are in the right place and you will have options to move cabinets around freely until you have arrived at the perfect layout.

Saturday June 22nd – Monday June 24th (Canterbury)

This brand new planning service is free and without obligation but will be by appointment so please secure your place today by calling 01732 843900.

Modern Handleless Kitchen

Modern Handleless Kitchen In June 2016, I initially took on the task of transforming the Cammish’s kitchen as part of a full home renovation. To insure this project was successful it would need to appeal to both the client and eventually the next consumer as the house will be lived in, then finally sold as

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