Message From Our Director

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4th May 2020
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14th June 2020
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Message From Our Director

Message From Our Director

As the owner of Alon Interiors I want to update you on what we have been doing over the past 2 months. Whilst our showrooms have been closed I have introduced our new virtual design program to allow you to design your own project from the comfort of your own home, click the button below to have a go for yourself. It has given us as a company time to take advantage of the training provided by our wonderful suppliers.

We have now had the time to plan our new displays which will be reflecting new ranges which were launched during a trade show in February. In our Gravesend showroom (which trades under Swans of Gravesend), we will be displaying a British Brand we have built a relationship with over the years. They are a family run business with an amazing product and service. By doing this we will be supporting an independent British Business. One of their new lines includes a 100% recycled doorwhich we will be on display.

In our Larkfield showroom we will be showcasing a few of the unique features from our German Brand that we display in our Ashford showroom. They have some great unique selling points which sets them apart. These include 26 complete carcass colours which can be used to form your handleless channel and then in turn either match your door or be blended with another colour. The carcasses have a solid back which is very rare among the German products and are available with wooded drawer boxes, which again is outside of the normal for German.

We will be re-opening the 1st of June by appointment only, until then I look forward to welcoming you all back!

-Sarah Reeve-Daly (Director)

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