TFB Worktops the future in induction cooking?

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TFB Worktops the future in induction cooking?

With both worktop and appliances manufacturers are always finding little tweaks and improvements to be made to their product, one company TFB have found a way to bring both an efficient appliance and durable worktop together.

Induction cooking is has been around for some time now but TFB with unmatched creativity and innovation have found a way to fuse both of these together. So what is it made of?

The top layer is made up of 3mm porcelian top (available in 10 finishes).

The second layer is made up of 0.5mm Aluminum sheet for dissepating heat to prevent breakage. The porcelain layer itself does not dissipate heat and without the aluminum sheet it would cause stress on your worktop, eventually leading to breakage.

The final layer is a 8mm thick a combination of Aliminuim and Bakelite to allow flexibility, resistance so the board does not break.

So what makes it different from other porcelain worktops on the market?

Essentially there are 2 main differences to competitors.
1 – TFB is extremely impact resistant! Multiple tests of dropping 500gr steel balls 80cm above worktop height and TFB shows perfect resistance to chipping/breaking. This test is the equivlent of dropping pans or bottle from a normal height.
2- Secondly TFB surfaces hold high temperatures (around 180C) no ceramic surface currently available by it self holds these properties.

All this is possible due to TPB supports its first ceramic sheet with other materials which allow obtaining these mentioned properties. Whether thickness of ceramic sheet is 1-1,2 or 3 mm does not imply more resistance. The ceramic by itself does not accomplish these two properties.

TPB Tech truly revolutionises the concept of cooking by incorporating an induction hob within the worktop. Your hob is incorporated within the work surface, which allows for truly unique design ideas to achieve a modern, sleek and elegant finish that cannot be found with a standard hob.

Induction hobs works by using electromagnetic energy. The energy passes through the worktop the pan directly. Cooking by using TPB Tech is quick and easy. You can change the temperature almost immediately, just like you would with a gas hob. It heats up instantly and is extremely energy efficient.

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