Is this the new Granite?

Until now nearly all Granite work surfaces have required sealing once every few years to maintain a strong defence against most liquids until now.

‘Sensa’ is the new granite range that has just been launched by Cosentino (Famous for their Silestone Quartz range).

Until recently if you were looking for a stone worktop your essentially had 2 choices ; Granite or Quartz. The big advantage quartz has over granite is its non-porosity therefore making it resistant to staining. Unfortunately their was no such thing as a non-porous granite until recently.

So what is the Sensa range?

A protective treatment is applied to each slab of Sensa during the manufacturing process. The treatment is capable of chemically incorporating itself into the material while at the same time still letting the granite breathe. The process actually alters the surface tension of the granite, causing the material itself to become resistant to staining. The picture below shows the difference between Sensa granite (left) versus standard granite (right).


In addition , their natural characteristics Sensa granite worktops are able to protect themselves from alterations caused by sunlight and UV rays.

But is granite staining really a problem?

All granite worktops can stain if they are not regularly sealed, however, the lighter the colour of granite, the more likely you are to notice the stain. So, if you choose a dark coloured granite such as black, dark brown or dark grey, you are unlikely to notice any stains. However, if you choose a light coloured granite such as white, cream or light grey, you are much more likely to notice stains.

The Sensa Range

There are only currently  8 colours in the range, but this be expanding shortly.

The Range also comes with a 15 year warranty.

We hope you find this article useful and please come visit the showroom if you would like to learn more and see some samples.

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