Modern Cooking Technology Issue 3.

Appliances are a very important part to any kitchen and a vast majority of people are not aware of the cooking opportunities modern day appliances can offer. So we have decided to provide you with some materials that will help you see what we can offer for you today.

NEFF’s Full Steam

New full steam ovens combine all the heating modes of a full-featured oven with those of a steam cooker, in one single appliance. Vegetables come out fresh, vitamins are retained and roast meats are crisp on the outside but still stay succulent on the inside. It’s easy to operate and also simple to refill the concealed one litre water container with the press of a button.

This feature uses a patented dual-pump system with the first pump transporting fresh water from the tank to the evaporator and the second pump automatically draining out any residual water. The patented two pump system ensures that only fresh water is vaporized, without scaling or dripping in the oven’s interior.The appliances will requested fresh water as cooking commences and the 1.2kw steam generator will make the steam to avoid scaling in the cavity.

The steam inlet is located in the real wall next to the fan so in Combination with NEFF’s Circotherm (See Issue 1.)  hot air system the steam surrounds food at all times. The heating element automatically warms the cavity to avoid condensation caused by steam. with the help of the automatic drying function, dries the oven out after cooking.

Available in 5 models.

We hope you find this information useful, and if you want to find out more please come visit us in the showroom.

The Alon Team.

What have we been doing during lockdown?

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