Open Shelving – The New Trend

As you may have noticed everyone has begun to embrace open shelving in not only the kitchen but all around the house.  Take this opportunity to show off what you have in a very stylish way! “One thing that can often happen in a kitchen is that it begins to feel too walled,” says East Hampton interior designer, Stephanie DiTullio. “It can be boring to just look at cabinets all around you after a while.” Although you need to think….Are open shelves right for you?

Here are 6 things to consider with open shelving!

1) Are you clean and tidy?

This has got to be the number one thing to consider! No one wants to see poorly stacked plates or glasses that are shoved on a shelf. Also you need to factor in your items cleanliness. You must be committed to keeping your shelves and their items clean!

2) Do you use it everyday.

A good rule to run by is if you use it everyday then its suitable for open shelving. If you use it once a week its probably best to put this behind a door. When items aren’t touch, moved or used they tend collect more and more dust! Kitchen items that are used in rotation are best used on open shelves.

3) If you have a collection, why not show it off? 

Perhaps you are a collector or mugs? Or maybe you have some special dishware that is slightly different and deserves the spotlight. This is the perfect opportunity to show your collection. You can treat your kitchen shelves like bookshelves and show off your little knick knacks.

4) Creating the illusion of more space

Open shelves can create a very airy feeling in your room. If you have a small kitchen floating shelves can be great to open up the room and allow more light to pass through.

5) Saving money

Traditionally open shelves can be purchased for less than a traditional kitchen cabinet. This could mean saving you money and adding a great feature in your kitchen. Whether you are starting from scratch or want to give your kitchen a little update these are a great solution.

6) If you like to entertain

If you tend to have lots of guests round open shelves are a great solution. They make their contents easily available and accessible to those who aren’t familiar with your kitchen. Open shelves can be very inviting and make everything accessible for both you and your guests.

We hope you have enjoyed this article and if you want to add open shelves to your new kitchen please feel to get in contact.

The Alon Team.

Open Shelves

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