The Eco Kitchen

Alon Interiors is proud to be a supporting partner in Rotunkt’s Greenline kitchens.

Rotpunkt not only have perhaps the biggest range of colour co-ordinated carcasses out of any German kitchen supplier but they are also at the forefront of eco-friendly construction.

By using corn and other fast growing renewables they have reduced the weight of their kitchens units by up to 30% without compromising on quality and stability. By reducing weight they have not only saved in handling/transport  weight they have made a product which is safer for handling when our fitters are working in smaller teams.

The composition makes all the difference.  Using 37% less timber thereby conserving more of our natural forests. This is replaced by the use of greenline products like corn and other fast growing renewables which are all PEFC certified and not the same as animal feed!

We are done using chipboard! Bioboard makes all the difference – Not only for ecology and economy. It is no different from traditional chipboard in usage and treatment, this is what makes this product so revolutionary!

What have we been doing during lockdown?

The team have certainly been busy working from behind closed doors to improve our products and the services we offer. We are proud to announce that we have been accepted by the KBSA (The Kitchen Bedroom Bathroom Specialist Association), which is an accreditation within the industry. Customers can now take out a deposit protection insurance

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Modern Handleless Kitchen

Modern Handleless Kitchen In June 2016, I initially took on the task of transforming the Cammish’s kitchen as part of a full home renovation. To insure this project was successful it would need to appeal to both the client and eventually the next consumer as the house will be lived in, then finally sold as

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