Creating Beautiful Interiors

Why Choose Alon?
All of our projects are done with dedication, commitment and attention to detail.

Independence leads to individuality

Alon Interiors is entering its 11th year as an established kitchen design studio that prides itself on its design excellence and its ongoing commitment to its customers old and new.

Sarah Reeve-Daly launched Alon Interiors from a passion and a longing to create beautiful interiors. With a wealth of experience and a long standing reputation within the industry Sarah continues to grow and develop along with the changing needs and tastes of her clients, bringing with her a business ethos of “Independence leads to individuality” the words that drive the business today.

From your first point of contact through to final installation Sarah and her team will guide you from the plan through to final installation allowing continuity and individuality to be delivered first time.


It's all about good design and planning

Some of our recent projects

Innovation, Creativity & Individuality

What is different about Alon?

Individual taste, unique functions, practical solutions and creativity can’t always be catered for “off the shelf”.

In our ever changing world were the choices are endless and prices confusing choosing a kitchen or bathroom can be as daunting as buying a house and can be just as stressful. Alon provides a calm, relaxed and practical approach to helping customers achieve their “vision” with lots of practical advice from planning and building solutions, plumbing or electrical work right through the whole project to arriving at the end result “what the customer wants” and “within budget”. Neither of these two objectives can be found in a flat pack.


CheckaTrade Accreditation

After our constant commitment to both our service and quality Alon Interiors has now been accepted to work under the CheckaTrade Banner.

After passing multiple audits we have been proven to be following legislation and laws whilst constantly increasing our standard of work. Due to our new relationship with CheckaTrade we have now been Kent County Council Registered.

Please feel free to visit our page or view our certification in our News section.


Some of our preferred suppliers

We work closely with our suppliers to create the best results for our clients

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