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Our client had been undergoing a full house refurb 4/5 years prior to making the decision to get their kitchen done. Having an open plan kitchen/ dining/ living space meant that their kitchen was one of the biggest parts of the house… the heart of their home. So ensuring it met their expectations for their dream kitchen space was priority.

As you can see from our clients before picture, their shaker style kitchen had definitely outlived itself – over the years this kitchen had become tired, dark and dreary.

Our clients biggest bugbear is a messy kitchen; and because their shaker kitchen had many grooves, they found it very difficult to deep clean. The kitchen in general was falling apart and just didn’t accommodate for the family space they wanted/ needed.

Our clients fell in love with German engineered kitchens and after much thought, they wanted to replace their shaker kitchen with this style. All we can say is WOW to this kitchen transformation, the after picture speaks volumes. This transformation has completely brightened this space up, restoring it back to life.

Our clients we’re extremely happy with their kitchen transformation even stating how their lives have dramatically changed.

“Our home life has changed dramatically since having our Alon kitchen installed… our kitchen is much easier to clean and our house feels complete. My favourite part of the kitchen includes my Quooker tap which allows me to make endless cup of teas with my hectic lifestyle – my tea is literally on tap!

I (Mrs C) also love how my bin is located in the prep space of my kitchen which allows me to easily clean my worktop when i’m cooking. I can now just wipe every surface, even my splashback with ease instead of rapidly scrubbing my kitchen.

We also love our NEFF slide and hide oven, with kids running around the house we feel safe knowing they won’t trip or hurt themselves on the oven door. Our NEFF hob is also a life changer, originally we had a gas hob in our previous kitchen, but swapping to an induction hob means we have better control and precision when cooking. Our kitchen feels so much bigger with such great space saving appliances!”

Mr & Mrs C