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From a friendly face welcoming you into our luxury kitchen showroom, through to our wonderful kitchen installation team, here at Alon Interiors, we want you to feel as though you are a part of something special.

Since establishing our first modern kitchen showroom in Kent, we have helped many families across Larkfield, Ashford and Gravesend fall in love with a brand new kitchen. As one of the most essential spaces in the home, it’s important to create a space and atmosphere that’s just right for you and your family- and that’s where we come in!

Nobilia Matt White Wood Shaker Open Plan L Shaped Kitchen With Island 2021 | Alon Interiors, Kent

5* Customer Service

As well as providing high quality kitchens, we are committed to providing a first class customer service in helping customers achieve their vision – but don’t just take our word for it…

We have a 5 star Check A Trade rating from over 50 verified Alon Interior kitchen customer reviews, noting our reliability, workmanship and quote accuracy

Innovation, Quality & Value

When it comes to designing a new kitchen for your home, we believe it’s important to have a wide variety of choice so you don’t have to compromise on what you want. 

In our Kent kitchen showroom, you will see a number of kitchen room-sets that display a multitude of designs, kitchen colours and accessory options, helping you visualise how your new kitchen might look. 

We also showcase a range of top quality kitchen appliances including NEFF and Siemens, along with worktops in compressed laminate, quartz and ceramic. 

Pop in for a chat and enjoy and cup of coffee with our friendly design team. 

Nobilia Concrete Wood Kitchen 2021 | Alon Interiors, Kent
Nobilia Matt Black Bronze Open Plan Kitchen With Island 2021 | Alon Interiors, Kent

Peace of Mind From Alon Interiors

Your new kitchen needs to be able to withstand the test of time, working hard every day to help keep your loved ones fed, full, and well looked after. Nevertheless, this sometimes means that it can become a little scuffed around the edges.

The kitchen furniture brands and appliances that we use typically come with warrantees. However, at Alon Interiors, we are also firm believers that people buy from people so we will strive to help you wherever possible when it comes to sourcing replacement parts or mending broken pieces. 

Kitchen Showrooms Kent

At Alon Interiors our warm and friendly team are ready to welcome you into our showrooms, although please note that our Ashford kitchen showroom is unmanned. If you’re looking for a consultation to discuss your kitchen design plans, we can gladly assist at either our Larkfield showroom.

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The natural choice for kitchens in Kent

For anyone looking to upgrade their kitchen featuring a luxurious German kitchen brand, Alon Interiors are the go-to option for many people. Boasting three kitchen showrooms in Kent, our years of experience and our highly dedicated team are what sets us apart. Taking the time to get to know you, understand your space, and help you make the very most of this opportunity to transform how you use your home, you needn’t look any further when it comes to finding a Kent kitchen showroom.

For those beginning their search for a German kitchen in Kent, we hope that our friendly faces will make the decision process easier. Our experience puts us in a fantastic position to offer you guidance, both with the design of your new space and the appliances you can choose from. This expertise is something that can’t be taught and means that we are good at reading between the lines to discover your kitchen and lifestyle habits, ultimately allowing us to transform your kitchen into a room you’ll be ready to fall in love with.

Your kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most important rooms in your home and one where the most time is spent. That is why we believe in selling only kitchens of the highest quality – and ones that are built to last! Our designers keep their fingers on the pulse when it comes to following trends so, whether you’re looking for a modern design to update your kitchen or something more traditional, we’ll be able to help. And whilst the aesthetics of the space can alter, we can guarantee durability and functionality will be at the heart of your new kitchen, as that is what really matters.

There are quite a few retailers of German Kitchens in Kent, but we think we are especially well placed to assist you.  We actually retail from three German brands, including two of the very biggest and one with the most phenomenal level of customisation and possibility.  This translates into a unique ability for us to serve you because we can develop design schemes that are unlimited in choice, yet reflective of your budgetary considerations. Plus, we can give you a range of options to consider. 

It is unusual for a retailer to display and retail three German brands; but we think the investment in displays, trainings and software is worth it for the people who really matter- our clients. 

Uncover the fuss surrounding German kitchens in Kent

There’s something special about a German kitchen; world-renowned for their excellent craftsmanship and design, it’s easy to see why many of the leading kitchen brands across the globe originate from Germany. Having stood the test of time, with Rotpunkt celebrating their 90th anniversary in 2020, we believe that an investment in a German kitchen is one that’s worthwhile, especially as there is a prestige attached to them, particularly those made in the world-renowned area of North Rhine Westaphalia – home to many of the world’s leading German brands. 

There are some good reasons why this status is well deserved.  Their longevity means that they’ve established a great understanding in terms of product design, manufacturing capability and service capability.  As a result, their reputation is known beyond the boundaries of their own country, spreading across Europe and into larger markets including the USA and China. The “Made in Germany” hallmark has transformed the way that kitchens have been designed since the 50s and the stamp has gone on to become one of quality.

In Germany, homeownership is far less prevalent that it is in the UK. Despite many people in Germany renting their whole lives, it’s not uncommon for them to own their kitchen, uninstalling it   when they move and bringing it with them to their new home.  To stand up to this process of installation/ removal/ transport and reinstallation, the kitchens must be designed to be very robust. Whilst that is unusual in the UK, buyers here benefit from this investment in durability and quality.  Buying a German kitchen (and hopefully one from Alon Interiors, Kent) is an investment that will enhance your home for many years to come.

One of the reasons a German kitchen is so durable is down to how its built. With a minimum of 15 years’ operating life, they are not installed in the same way you might expect it to be built. Shunning flat pack furniture, they are assembled during the manufacturing stage of the process which allows them to be rigorously tested to ensure they are up to standard. With the kitchen units expected to last, they are built to withstand more weight than their English counterpart and due to being assembled prior to arrival at your home, a German manufacturer can guarantee that every part of your new kitchen will be there.

The engineering behind a German kitchen is said to be of the highest calibre, which lends itself well when creating aesthetically pleasing designs set to transform your home. Their watchful eyes ensure that even the finest detail is to the best standard possible, helping your decision to invest after visiting our kitchen showroom in Ashfield, Kent. One of the benefits of choosing a German-designed kitchen is how ergonomic you will find the design to be. Utilising the space in your room, you’ll find that there are countless options when it comes to storage and the position of your appliances; your kitchen does the work for you and is built according to your lifestyle and habits in the kitchen.

With functionality at the heart of a German kitchen, it’s easy to see why they’re the choice of many customers. In addition to the clever use of space, there are myriad accessories that can complement your home makeover, including speakers and USB chargers built into your work surfaces. Making the most of your space means that you’re left with a streamlined kitchen that includes everything you need and the added flexibility when it comes to choosing accessories or storage solutions means that you can truly cater the kitchen to your needs.

British Kitchens Kent; Craftsmanship And Timelessness

Alon interiors present you with the best of British too.  Our British Kitchens, made by a family owned business in Yorkshire, stand apart for the excellence of what a machine can’t do- that which only then hand of a master craftsman can be trusted.  If you live in Kent, London or neighbouring places, and you’re in the market for an excellent British made kitchen, a journey to see us in one of our showrooms in Kent would be an excellent use of your time.  Our range covers elegant shaker kitchens, classic doors to the more modern- painted in a range of colours from which you are sure to find exactly the right tone for your space and taste.

For those interested in buying a British Kitchen in Ashfield, Kent, you’re considering a truly bespoke option that can provide your home with the makeover it deserves. Having nurtured our relationship with a fantastic British-based business, we believe that together, we can help to design your dream kitchen. There’s an added level of customisation that accompanies the purchase of a British kitchen in Ashfield, Kent. You’re at the heart of the design process so your input is more valuable than ever and extends way beyond choosing the colour and style of your doors.  Your lifestyle and how you use the kitchen are something that is important to our designers, as it allows us to enhance the room to capitalise on areas of your family dynamic that might otherwise be overlooked.


Much like those imported from Germany, after taking a look at our British kitchens in Kent, we believe that you’ll be pleased with the high level of thought that has gone into the design, as well as the high-quality finish that each kitchen affords. When it comes to purchasing a British kitchen, you can rest assured that you’re working with experts who will strike the perfect balance between functionality, durability and style. British craftsmanship is on par with the German kitchens we offer, so you needn’t worry that the beautiful design you’ve fallen in love with will be anything less than perfection once assembled in your home. Here at Alon Interiors, every product, kitchen and service that we offer will be provided to you with 100% confidence, as we believe we’re offering the best of the best.

One of the many benefits that accompanies the purchase of your British Kitchen in Kent is the proximity of the manufacturing to your home. With the build taking place on your home turf, we can work closer with those building your kitchen than ever before. However, your carbon footprint is significantly reduced as you’re transporting your new kitchen within the same country – something that many clients are concerned about. Choosing a more ethically sourced option is becoming an increasing worry amongst those looking to purchase a new kitchen; not only are they concerned about carbon emissions from their air miles, but also due to the ever-growing landfill sites across the county. As a result, a British-based manufacturing company is the natural choice for many, as they are built to last, acting as an investment rather than an act of fast consumerism.

Discover our kitchen showrooms in Kent

If you’re considering a new kitchen, a visit to a showroom is an invaluable step in the process. Although flicking through a brochure can fill your mind with inspiration, as can a Pinterest board filled with the latest trends and styles, you can often overwhelm yourself with too many ideas, subsequently clouding your judgement with what you really need in your renovation. At our kitchen showroom in Kent, you can expect to see an array of displays showcasing the best in German and British design, as well as a selection of the colours and styles our clients typically go for. During this visit, our lovely team of designers will be on hand to answer any queries you may have, as well as provide insight as to each of the designs. If you have any questions, this initial first visit to the showroom should help to provide some clarity whilst opening up your mind to new ideas and possibilities.

During your visit to our kitchen showroom in Ashfield, Kent, you might have come to the realisation that you’re unsure of what you’re looking for – and that’s okay! Take your first visit as a learning experience and acquaint yourself with what’s on offer and the different styles you can choose from. For many, they find that a visit to our kitchen showroom allows them to get a feel for the space which is equally as important. This might be easier for you to visualise if you’re simply replacing an existing kitchen, but our team will be on hand to talk through your options if you’re creating a new extension or are completing a large renovation project.

Ultimately, what we want you to get out of a visit to our kitchen showroom in Kent is an idea or inspiration from your project. We are happy to welcome you back for a consultation at any time – or even at this first visit if you feel you may benefit from this! Simply let us know how we can be of assistance and we’ll start you on your journey to a new kitchen you’ll love.

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