Kent Kitchen Design: From Concept To Reality

Looking for expert kitchen design in Kent? …A new kitchen design is something that should fill you with excitement. Here at Alon Interiors, we are passionate about design but we also understand that the process should be a collaborative effort so we can give you everything you want…and more.

We truly believe that people buy from people, and that is why our Kent kitchen design experts work as diligently as we do on every single new kitchen design project, and use our years of experience to help you visualise the end result. From our initial meeting to stepping foot in the finished room for the first time, our team put you at the heart of every decision to ensure that your new kitchen design is nothing short of perfection.

Kent kitchen design experts - Alon Interiors

Kent kitchen design experts - Alon Interiors

Our Kitchen Design Process

Here at Alon Interiors, our Kent kitchen design experts want to give you that goosebump moment! Having worked with people who have admitted to not being able to visualise their future kitchen, despite having picked out the style and finish, we believe that they’re missing a vital part of the process – the part that makes it all seem real. With years of experience to our name, our Kent kitchen design experts will work with you to understand what you want and need to achieve, before coming up with the perfect design concept. 

Visit our Luxury Kitchen Showrooms: Inspiring British and German Kitchen Collections 

In the first instance, we can meet you at your home or else we can meet you in one of our Kent kitchen showrooms in Ashford, Larkfield or at our sister company Swans of Gravsend. If you are meeting us in our showrooms, please bring any plans you have, as well as any ideas collected from magazines, Instagram, or Pinterest. Alternatively, you may feel inspired by something you see!

We have an extensive range of British and German kitchen furniture on display, and our Kent kitchen design experts will always take time to explain our collections and invite you to touch, feel and explore our products first-hand. Designing a kitchen is an exciting time and we know that even something as small as a kitchen handle or worktop sample can be enough to spark an idea, and which we can then use as a starting point for shaping your new kitchen concept.   

Kent kitchen design experts - Alon Interiors
Kent kitchen design experts - Alon Interiors

Fully Tailored Kent Kitchen Designs

In undertaking the kitchen design process, it is crucial we ask the right questions to understand what you need and what your end goal looks and feels like.  This begins with asking questions such as what you like about your existing kitchen, as well as what you feel you’re missing.

Having been designing kitchens for many years the Alons Interiors team recognise that people often don’t know what they want when they begin this process, but they typically know what they don’t want! Your answers tell us a lot about your lifestyle and requirements, helping our Kent kitchen design experts come up with suitable solutions within your design.  

A Focus on Form and Function

Our hand-picked kitchen product ranges are what really make Alon Interiors special! We approach design with a primary focus on form and can guide you towards the most suitable kitchen components and finishes to suit your needs, whilst explaining the different qualities and benefits of each.

During this process, we will consider factors such as if there are enough drawers and cabinet space, or if the sink is in the right position. From here, we gradually build the perfect layout before moving on to talk about colours and styles. We will also ask about your budget, using this knowledge to ensure we can give you the best possible kitchen available whilst adding value in the areas which are most important to you.  

Kent kitchen design experts - Alon Interiors
Kent kitchen design experts - Alon Interiors

Highly Experienced Kitchen Designers in Kent

A further benefit of choosing Alon Interiors is you will benefit from our designers’ in-depth experience and knowledge of kitchen design.  We’re also not afraid to be daring and break from the mould. For example, we can show you two different extremes of style, or we can blend traditional with modern such as a traditional bespoke pantry unit with modern Rotpunkt doors- whatever look you want to achieve we have the knowledge and skillset to make it work.

Photorealistic Kitchen Designs 

Following our first meeting, our Kent kitchen design experts will use the information gathered to create an initial design concept which meets the collated brief. This will include photorealistic kitchen design renders to bring your kitchen to life and help you fully visualise the space. Often this is an emotional step for you, and sometimes for us too!

Having the ability to produce kitchen renders as close to reality as possible really helps you to feel confident in your decision so, whether you have a colourful wallpaper that you want to use, or are installing kitchen bi-fold doors overlooking your garden, these will be included in our plans. 

Kent kitchen design experts - Alon Interiors

Kent kitchen design experts - Alon Interiors| Alon Interiors, Kent

Kitchen Prep Work And Installation Services

Our attention to detail extends to the kitchen installation service that we offer. Our belief is that when undertaking a new kitchen project, we should offer nothing short of perfection. Working with people for upwards of five years means that we share an understanding of what is expected, but also means that we are confident they’ll deliver the desired result.

Over the years, we have established relationships with a fantastic range of tradespeople who are essential to the kitchen installation process. Here at Alon Interiors, we believe that our integration into the local area has allowed these connections to flourish, which makes calling for help from others a breeze. So, should your kitchen works need the additional help of a plumber or electrician, we know just the people.

Kitchen Installation

When working with builders, you’ll often find that we’re needed for a dry-fix process, especially if you’re undertaking a large-scale renovation project. As a result, we can produce first-fix drawings for client’s trades if requested, including elevation drawings with plumbing and electrical points added.

Kent kitchen design experts - Alon Interiors

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