Claim an Amazon Echo Show With Alon Interiors!

What is Amazon Echo Show?

Amazon Echo Show is a smart speaker that is part of the Amazon Echo line of products. The new device has a 10-inch touchscreen, improved speakers, and mesh casing. The Echo Show can do everything a regular Echo speaker can, including placing orders on Amazon, adding things to your shopping list, starting timers, controlling smart home devices, sending messages to your contacts, and using Amazon’s Drop-In feature to contact other Echo devices.

How Can I Qualify For This Amazing Deal?

It’s simple, your Alon kitchen needs to be ordered by 31st July 2019, along with four Siemens built-in appliances; one of the four must be Siemens Home Connect Oven. Please note the other four Siemens built-in appliances excludes Warming Drawers and Accessories. Claims for the promotion will be accepted until midnight on 30th November 2019. To clarify; although the kitchen needs to be ordered by 31st July 2019, the Siemens appliances can be delivered and installed any time before 30th November 2019, so that the consumer can process their claim in advance of the claim deadline.

Do You Want To Grab This Deal?

Then get in contact today and start your kitchen transformation with Alon Interiors! Once your kitchen has been ordered we will go through the process of how to claim your free Amazon Echo Show! Click below and fill out our contact form today; a designer will be in touch in due course.

What have we been doing during lockdown?

The team have certainly been busy working from behind closed doors to improve our products and the services we offer. We are proud to announce that we have been accepted by the KBSA (The Kitchen Bedroom Bathroom Specialist Association), which is an accreditation within the industry. Customers can now take out a deposit protection insurance

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Modern Handleless Kitchen

Modern Handleless Kitchen In June 2016, I initially took on the task of transforming the Cammish’s kitchen as part of a full home renovation. To insure this project was successful it would need to appeal to both the client and eventually the next consumer as the house will be lived in, then finally sold as

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