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Our Trip To Germany

On the 10th of October we took a trip to visit our main manufacturer and supplier of German Engineered Kitchens to see and view the latest kitchen trends. We had the opportunity to walk around their stunning showroom and see all the new improvements to the 2018 collection. This is a very exciting time for us, and of course you, our customer; we only like to offer the very best for our beautiful kitchen range and we certainly think some of these improvements will enable us to do exactly that.

So, Whats New?

Innovation is a term you generally see used for companies who sell digital goods, very few people will think of innovation when it comes to their kitchens. However, innovation is all around us and its being used in every industry, especially your kitchen. We were able to first handedly witness some amazing kitchen innovations that will really allow for a more efficient kitchen. Amongst the new upgrades and features one of the most eye catching innovations we were able to see was the new range of wall cupboards with the use of ‘Slight Lift’ technology. This new technology allows one to open the cupboard by sliding the bottom up half way, then to open the cupboard fully simply slide both panels up together. The greatest feature about this cupboard was the LED lighting system which lit up when half opened, allowing the users to see the contents of the cupboard and when fully opened the LED lighting strip switched to an interior lighting, completely illuminating the rest of the cupboard.

Tall unit systems with sliding rotatory doors; this fantastic innovations really allows you to place items in your kitchen more appropriately, whilst still having full access to them. You can choose whether to have these doors open to display whats inside, or you can simply hide them away by closing the doors. It really allows for a more flexible accessible area.

Touch Free Doors a brilliant innovation allowing for a touch free, fingerprint less kitchen. This is such a great concept, especially with darker shade kitchens trending; fingerprints are more visible so, touch free doors really allow for a cleaner and smoother look.Displays

Whilst walking around the showroom we could really see how darker shade kitchens are trending, and we absolutely love them! The tones and textures are so much easier to see in the darker shades, although we’d love to know your thoughts? Pop us a comment in the comment section.

Thank you for reading our blog, we will be blogging more on the new collections for 2018 at a later date, keep your eyes peeled. Also please remember to follow and like our socials for regular updates, we are currently building on our social media, so every like and follow is greatly appreciated.