Handle Vs Handleless

Handleless kitchens offer understated contemporary style. If you love a minimal, sleek and streamlined style – handleless doors are the perfect choice. Many of our customers opt for handleless kitchens due to wanting a more modern and updated look. If you’re contemplating this design style, hopefully we can help you make the best decision for your upcoming project with a bit of insight into handleless kitchens!

One of the great benefits of a handleless kitchen is that it fits in extremely well with most contemporary kitchens, it brings an effortless and sleek look to the overall aesthetics. No handles mean that other kitchen features get a chance to really stand out without any competition for attention – such as a ‘wow factor’ splashback or worktop.

Handleless kitchens help to create a more seamless flow between separate rooms in your home. As you can see they work fantastically with open plan kitchen/living/ dining.

Generally handleless kitchens are safer, there is no catching your clothes on handles. For young children, handles on base units are generally the same height as their head, often resulting in unwanted injuries. So, thats a few pros of handleless kitchens.

For those who like a more traditional style of kitchen, handleless may not be for you. Kitchen manufacturers are constantly making products to go with new trends; meaning there are so many handle choices. With so many beautiful cabinet handles around can mean going handleless takes the fun out of choosing! P.S who loves to sling a tea towel on a handle?

If you currently have a kitchen with handles, the transition to handleless could be confusing. You might be unsure which way cupboards and doors open. However, many of our clients have said handleless cupboards are actually easier to open – with cupboards allowing you to open them with two hands, or at a push. When you have the mad rush of cooking, handleless may make the crazy breakfast and dinner rush much easier.


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