How to work well from home

Hundreds of thousands of us across the UK are now having to work from home. This could be a fate we have to deal with for the next couple of months – but as we all know this serves a purpose and thats to protect ourselves and those vulnerable to this awful virus!

Working from home isn’t any different for the Alon or Swans team, at some point each and everyone of our staff has worked from home. We are very fortunate to work in an industry which allows us to work from home and maintain the same standard we would have in the office. The only sad aspect is we cannot enjoy the company of our fellow colleagues!

So, if you’re working remotely for the first time, let’s give you some tips to help you out and keep your spirits up!

1. Get Dressed

Simple, but getting dressed as you would normally for work allows you to get your head in the working frame of mind. Staying in lounge wear or PJ’s may feel like a great alternative and bonus of working from home, but getting up and dressed can give you that feeling of normality. Psychologically preparing you for the day ahead!
2. Prepare A Suitable Working Space

It can be such a pain when you don’t have an office in your home, but it doesn’t mean you can’t create a good working environment with what you have. A dressing table, a spare chair all items that can be used the same as a desk space. Having a specific area to work from enables you to establish a working zone which can also psychologically prepare you for the day. This can also help to limit distraction so long as you clear the area.
Carrie our office administrator has set up her working from home office space in her bedroom! In Carries words herself ‘who’d of thought the radiator would make such a good pin board’ 😂 It’s all about thinking outside the box and working with what you have!
3. Maintain A Strict Schedule

This may sound obvious but it’s important to maintain a strict working schedule. It may be easy to get distracted when working from home, but set your alarm as normal, have breakfast and ensure you work your normal hours. Differing out of this schedule may mean you’re breaking boundaries – so try to keep to the same schedule you would normally have whilst in the office.

4. Phone Your Colleagues!

Being out of the offi
ce certainly makes you realise how amazing it is to work with your colleagues. It’s the little things in the office you take forgranted, that you realise you miss – like the coffee/ tea making knowing you now have to do that yourself!

It’s important to stay connected so giving your colleague a phone call for a quick catch up or just general chat can be very refreshing. Amid all of this going on we managed to create a whatsapp group so we could keep in contact! Theres also great apps available to keep in regular contact – one which is definitely thriving through this lockdown period is called ‘house party’ it works the same as facetime and you can talk to multiple people at once.


5. Make Sure You Take A Break!

One thing you will realise in the silence of working from home is that, it’s healthy to take a break. Being glued to your screen isn’t good for anyone. You can go out in your garden and soak up the amazing weather we’re having during this virus (so typical). Or just take a moment and pause, look outside your window and just have a moment to yourself.
But, most importantly stay safe! One day we will look back at this and reflect upon the time when our health was of the upmost importance, and that it really was the little things in life we have taken forgranted.

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