Alon’s Kitchen Case Study: ‘It’s like magic’

Alon's Kitchen Case Study: 'It's like magic'

'It's like magic'

Today we photographed this beautiful kitchen. The September rays were beaming through the kitchen window,
which really brought out the modern, light and airy feel of this kitchen - something our client Julie particularly likes about her new kitchen.
Case Study Questions & Answers:

Why did you want your kitchen renovated?
Our kitchen was over 20 years old and needed renovation.

How does your Alon kitchen fit into your daily workflow?
It's like magic - beautiful units and lovely modern appliances to make life so much easier!

What do you like most about your new kitchen?
It's modern, light, airy and easy to clean!!

Was your kitchen budget vs actual cost what you expected?
Our budget was around £10,000 - £12,000 and the specification provided by Alon fitted perfectly.
It's safe to say our clients are over the moon with their new 'magical' kitchen! Modern, light and airy kitchens seem to be trending at present, are you a lover of the modern look? Do you think modern is the way forward?

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