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Happy anniversary to us!
Alon Interiors have hit a big milestone! It’s our 10th year anniversary – thats 10 years that Alon have had the pleasure of designing some stunning kitchens and bathrooms for their customers. In this blog post you will get to see Alon’s journey from starting up to where we are now.

From Alone to Alon

 Director Sarah Reeve-Daly started Alon Interiors on her own back in 2009 during the big recession. At the beginning Sarah took advantage of working solo and really hit the phones; generating business and leads. It took Sarah 5 years to build Alon up to the point she needed to hire help.

When first starting Alon from scratch, Sarah worked solo; advertising her first showroom in Larkfield heavily before it was due to open and working on leads. It took Sarah five years before she had to employ another member of staff to help.

Over the years Sarah has acquired two more showrooms; a large kitchen showroom in Ashford, and lastly her third and final project; a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom showroom in Gravesend. The Gravesend showroom trades as Swans; which has become a product extension for Sarah and an exciting market to diversify in.

Fast forward to 2019 and Sarah prepares to celebrate a big milestone for Alon Interiors; their 10th year anniversary. A lot has changed over the 10-year span, including Sarah’s team which now consists of 7 dedicated members of staff working between her Larkfield, Ashford and Gravesend showrooms.

Having a dedicated and established team is one route to success, but Sarah is more than aware a prosperous business hinges on suppliers and fitters, as they will be the determining factor in consumer satisfaction. For this reason, Sarah has a carefully selected set of fitters and suppliers in the mix.

As a result of having the right team in place Sarah and her team have produced and fitted many beautiful bathrooms and German and British kitchens. All of which have been highly commended by their customers; with 5*’s all across their social platforms including Facebook, Houzz and Checkatrade.

The Future of Alon Interiors

Going forwards Sarah expects to continue developing Alon Interiors and all of her showrooms. Sarah would like to make her sales and installation more efficient in the future, so Alon Interiors are able to speed the sales process in the hope to increase the number of fitters she currently has. This would enable the company to complete more kitchen, bathroom and bedroom installs.

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