Professional Partnerships with Alon Interiors.

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2nd May 2019
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Professional Partnerships with Alon Interiors.

Professional Partnerships with Alon Interiors

We’re no strangers to working closely alongside architects, builders and developers like you, whose kitchen projects are geared towards aspirational clients like our own.

We’ve built a number of ongoing relationships with developers, builders and architects as a result of our contract kitchen designs. From renovations, housing extensions to new builds, our specialised designing software and knowledge enables us to create truly stunning projects; catering specifically to your clients needs.

Kitchens are undoubtably a specialist area, so using a specialist in the industry allows you access to particular kitchen ranges you would not logistically have access to on your own. Our product knowledge also allows us to supply precisely for the spec of your build/ ings.

Our contract manager Jane Holder would also provide a full project management, delivery and planning service; giving you peace of mind aswell as taking a big responsibility off your shoulders.

Not all clients want a straight forward kitchen project, and that is fine. We have worked with multiple clients to create more bespoke kitchens, so working directly with your clients is never an issue. Not only can we create bespoke kitchens; Alon Interiors also own 2 other showrooms in Kent, giving us product access to bespoke bathrooms and bedrooms via our Gravesend Showroom 'Swans'. Our well located showrooms allow us to work geographically across Kent, with coverage as far as London.

Are you a builder, developer or architect who needs a helping hand?

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