Modern Cooking Technology Issue 6.

Appliances are a very important part to any kitchen and a vast majority of people are not aware of the cooking opportunities modern day appliances can offer. So we have decided to provide you with some materials that will help you see what we can offer for you today.

Induction Hob’s & NEFF’s FLEX Induction

An induction hob provides the most efficient methods of cooking. Extremely fast and responsive, with the ability to accurately control the power. Induction hobs contain a strong electromagnet positioned under the surface of the hob. When a zone is activated and a magnetic metal pan is placed on it, a circuit is created which begins a rapid, even transference of heat to the base of the pan and its contents. All induction hob have this pan recognition technology.

They are not only innovative but also the safest hob. With induction hobs, only the base of the pan and then the contents of the pan are heated. The ceramic glass therefore remains much cooler than a traditional radiant ceramic or gas hob. This means there is little residual heat left over once the cooking is finished, making induction hobs much safer.

Many believe that you require specials pans that are expensive. This is not the case! They just need to be magnetic, we are currently offering a free induction pan set with any order of a NEFF or SIEMENS induction hob. ( 1st January 2016-December 31st 2016).

With induction becoming more popular we have seen the new Flexinduction introduced to the NEFF and SIEMENS range. For entertainers, professional cooks or large families, the Flexinduction hob provides a fantastic solution to demanding cooking requirements. The modern design, with clear print lines, supports a variety of pan sizes wile reflecting a minimalistic design trend.

Flexinduction hobs provide greater flexibility using an enlarged single zone to heat pans of any size, positioned anywhere within it. Beneath the glass each of these zones are four unique induction coils which work independently or together when a pan is detected on the surface.

There are 19 Induction hobs available.

There are 19 Induction hobs with Flex technology.

We hope you find this information useful, and if you want to find out more please come visit us in the showroom.

The Alon Team.


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