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Colour Psychology

In todays blog we will be exploring the most popular colours to have in household rooms. We will explore the meaning of three colours listed below:

  1. Yellow
  2. Blue
  3. Red


Yellow is a refreshing and vibrant colour; which is very popular in UK homes. Yellow associates with sunshine and communicates happiness. The colour itself can promote cheerfulness, creativity and positive thinking. We recently read an interesting article written by Angela Wright (psychologist of Queen Mary’s Hospital) on the meaning of colour;  Yellow supposedly gives us a boost of energy and even provides us with mental clarity!

Fun fact: people who pick the colour yellow love learning, and live for a positive life.

The Meaning of Blue

Blue is a calming and soothing colour; also very popular in UK homes. The colour blue gives us feelings of calmness and relaxes our aura. To encourage relaxation and productivity in social areas of your home, blue would be best in Living rooms or large kitchens.

The Meaning Of Red

Red is a fiery colour; with emphasises passion. Red is the opposite of blue; the colour red is not one that should be used if you want a calming and relaxing environment. Furthermore, red is said to trigger hunger which seems like the perfect colour to have in the Kitchen. To conclude Alon Interiors would highly recommend using red in a Kitchen or Dining area. In Addition we would suggest that due to this fact of red initiating passion, it would be best to not put in the bedroom area. This is due to red encouraging lively feelings which would not be suitable in a room which needs relaxation.


Alon Interiors have learnt alot of information during our blog research. To conclude this blog we wanted to add a few ideas of our own. First of all, the colour Yellow is our absolute favourite. Secondly we think blue would be great in an office; our office. Finally, we need red in our kitchen asap! To conclude this it seems its only right you can see some pictures and get a feel for how your kitchen could look. In addition to this blog post we have attached pictures for your use. Finally we would like to say a big thank you for taking the time to read our blog.